Influencer FAQS


AED is equal to 1 InstaFluencer Credit

Influencer is in reference to any influencer and/or content creator be it: nano, micro, mid-tier or mega/celeb

Business and/or brand refers to a vendor or merchant who is registered on the InstaFluencer platform

Bid is the amount proposed by an influencer for a job they have applied for on the InstaFluencer platform

  • Awarded Bid is when an influencer has been granted the job at their desired bid amount
  • Closed Bid is a job that is now completed / has been awarded
  • Lost Bid is a job that the influencer bid on but was not selected for


It’s easy! Open our app or website and click on the ‘Register’ button. Once clicked you can select if you wish to sign-up as a Business or Influencer, select Influencer. Populate the fields and submit. You will be authenticated instantly after linking your social profiles and will then be ready to use the platform. If you do not have a Facebook Business account, you will need to manually put in your URL and then you will be authenticated.

There are no upfront payments. Should you be awarded a bid, we charge 10% on the final bid amount, as a platform usage fee. This is to maintain and operate the platform usage fee. This is to maintain and operate the platform to serve you better.

Select the job you wish to bid for and add your bid amount, the channels you will provide the campaign on, and then add any additional information on the campaign that you will do for them – sell your services! The more information you add the better

e.g. AED 500 for 3 grid stories and 1 reel posted over 1-month on Instagram and TikTok

Yes, you certainly can! Our platform is open to all influencers. The minimum followers you must have is 1200.

Yes you can select up to three, so long as they accurately represent your profile

Yes, the minimum amount you can bid on any job is AED 150

There is no maximum amount. A business may choose to insert a maximum budget for their job, however it is up to you should you wish to bid below or above this

Upon completion of a job that you were hired for by a Business, the Business shall confirm if the delivered content was inline with understanding between you and the Business. Upon final confirmation on the delivered content by the Business, your payment shall be released to you.

You must add your form of receiving payments on your Profile section, in order for fund transfer. Alternatively, if you are a licensed-influencer you can add your pay-out method on your Profile (which will be linked with Stripe), and make withdrawals directly from your dashboard into your bank-account.

  • Your referral code is your unique User ID
  • If you share this with any business or influencer and they enter it when they register to InstaFluencer you instantly get InstaFluencer Credits added to your account

For every successful referral you get 50 InstaFluencer Credits added to your account

Once your referrals reach 500 InstaFluencer Credits you can request a withdrawal

A business has liked your profile and proposal but is requesting you to lower your bid to their proposed amount. If you accept the job is yours